The BIG Idea -
The difference between a Spiritual Awakening and Bipolar Disorder

Being a researcher in both university and the world of advertising, what motivated me to continue speaking with people around the world, was a burning curiousity to figure out the difference between a spiritual awakening, like I'd had, and mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder.

It took a while, but I eventually figured it out. While the findings discussed in this video are based on my personal observations and conversations with over 1000 people with mental disorders, they have not been verified in any quantitative way, and should be considered a hypothesis.

This is videos #20-22 together.


What is Normal?

I'll be honest, nobody usually sticks around for this next video, because the first one is so long, however, it may be the most important video I've made. 

Here, everthing I've done finally comes together, as we get a tangible idea of how our own process of evolution of consciousness is directly tied to the healing of mental disorders. 

I know its a pretty wild idea, but stick around, it's thought provoking!